Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bonjour Paris

We had a day in Paris to kill whilst waiting for the night train to Berlin we walked from the Gard Du Nord all the way to the Pompidou much seedier than I remember, the day was a beautiful crisp winters day though and the newly cleaned Notre Dame looked stunning. As did the Seine and the riverside buildings. Going on holiday with Emin has good and bad points.
The good is he likes 5 star Hotels. When we go out I am unable to languish in shops and galleries but am made to walk and see the city. He likes to aimlessly catch trams to see what is at the other end so you see a side to a city that you might not look for.
The bad is that he will not eat in random cafes or restaurants so we end up eating either in the Hotel or Pizza Hut of Hard rock cafe. He resents wasting money on drink so we often eat dry so I am often parched at the end of the meal. I have learnt to travel with a couple of bottles of Port to ease me through the end of the day. Also he hates galleries and churches so it can seem a bit culturally dry.
Whatever the pros and cons a trip away is always a welcome respite from the endless drudgery at home so I have learnt to relax and go with the flow.

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