Thursday, 10 January 2008


Soothing eye candy that I would be happy to float around in this summer, It is no surprise that sales figures are down for retailers, before Christmas I wandered around Bluewater with only the briefest of remits but the bulk of mid priced clothing ranges appear to have become obsessed with the tunic and leggings look. I suspect many of the more structured outfits had flown out the shops because there were very few skirts on the rails and even less well cut trousers. Too much glitz and pattern. I only once bought a patterned top from Marks and Spencer the following week I saw it on Gail Tilsley in Coronation street,I was mortified and vowed NEVER to buy patterns from a high street retailer again. What this country needs are a fewer massive conglomerates and a few more smaller chains to flourish. But the recent closure of Jigsaws diffusion line, Kew in Bromley does not bode well for this size retailer.


materfamilias said...

I love this look as well, but at less than 5'4", I can easily get overwhelmed by it and/or transformed into short and squat, not my favourite look!

Suzanna Mars said...

Even the taller (me) can get transformed into short and squat at the blink of an eye! Still, I like these looks; they rather remind me of that old Laize Adzer shop that had a quasi-Moroccan vibe to it.

indigo16 said...

I am Boodle-am to the core (Leeds)but yes its Knee lenghth all the way for me.