Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Paul Morrison

Leyla loved this one because it reminded her of some work she had done at school. She had spent the day on the computer at school scribbling with the mouse and then blocking the shapes in with different random colours. Don't you all wish you were 6 again?

My new project for the year 10 is Flowers, yes I know its a cliche but sometimes the the most obvious can be the most rewarding for these girls. Next door in the grammar you get more complex projects like Interlocking and the more ambiguous Historical but I am sticking to the simple. This is another Liverpudlian artist and although the work in the flat is great what really appeals to me is when he places it within the interior of a building on a large scale, then I think his work really comes to life.


materfamilias said...

those dandelions (I think that's what they are) are fabulous!

indigo16 said...

I love weeds, so pernicious you have to love them.