Friday, 18 January 2008

The Year in Pictures

This arrived in the post on Tuesday after I had bemoaned the lack of a calender this year. There is a fantastic half price sale on at Blackwells apparently so my mother sent me this. She had herself bought the Picasso one but I get so tired of looking at Picasso, I teach using his paintings far too often but have yet to try Modigliani nudes!

Well, so much for not buying books on impulse. My hot new favourite blog came via a recommendation from The Sartorialist. The Year in Pictures is a brilliant new blog with the main focus on photography, scrolling down I saw these amazing close up portraits and just had to see more. Sally Mann's work is not new to me, she was recommended by my first photography tutor many years ago after I had used Daisy to pose for some photos, I loved her work then and I am looking forward to this book arriving now. I would really like to see them in the flesh but London does not seem to host many "one man" shows photography wise. I can only live in hope.


materfamilias said...

I did some reading about Sally Mann for my dissertation (which involved photography in fiction) but have only seen one or two of her photos. I'm off to try to catch the last day of a photography show -- Roy Arden (do you know the Vancouver School?)

indigo16 said...

No, but I will add it to my list to google on monday. If you can get hold of Sally Manns first book you wont be dissapointed.