Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Corrections and amendments

I recently withdrew a post because the owner of the drawings featured complained that I had not sought her permission before publishing the post. I had emailed for the permission, but in my eagerness to clear my in tray I did not wait for the reply. I was clearly in the wrong and It does make you nervous about what you can or cannot feature. Since the blogs inception I have received many really lovely emails from artists and designers thanking me for putting their images on line, as most artists are keen to have as many visual outlets as possible and I always put the image with a link. However, It became apparent that it was not the placing of the drawing on the blog that was irritating to the author, but that I had placed it with an irreverent dialogue about my future plans, thus turning the drawings into an illustration for my own end. I do have a tendency to bunk up images with text that is not entirely relevant, but good art will always speak for itself and I felt that this was the case with these drawings, however, if the cap fits.


La Belette Rouge said...

That is really too bad. It makes me sort of paranoid about posting others images. It is clear that your intention is/was and has been to share work that you like, admire or in someway has inspired. Ultimately, you are only expanding the artist's audience. How can that be bad?

If I had art work and you featured it on your blog I would only feel flattered and would feel grateful for the support and encouragement. Oh, well. Don't let the haters get you down. ;-)

indigo16 said...

Thankyou. I really believe most people believe as you do. I have always been flattered to get a mention however small, so I have put this down as a minor blip in this otherwise happy land and will carry on regardless.