Monday, 21 January 2008

Random abundance

"It's funny when you get to know someone who has a blog because you learn a whole new side of that person that might take years to bring up in normal conversation."
A quote from The Satorialist and spot on. I think this blog defiantly brings out the slightly nicer version of me. I know in real life I am viewed as a hard boiled, mean, moody, miserable specimen whereas here I can be slightly less so! I have noticed and been quite surprised by some quite cruel/ negative comments that are flying around cyberspace recently which seems churlish and unnecessary when we are all just a happy band of amateurs having fun are we not?
Finally this from Materfamiliasknits
"Reading Laurie Ricou's Salal: Listening for the Northwest Understory, I find this quotation from poet and essayist Kim Stafford's book The Muses Among Us: "coherence is born of random abundance" (31).Random abundance! I love this term. Dare I claim that this is what's happening here on my blog, random abundance, and dare I hope that among it all, coherence may be gestating?"
Well I don't think blogs get much more random than mine, so hopefully I too will be getting a small piece of coherence!


materfamilias said...

Thanks for the nod -- funny, I was going to use exactly that same quotation from The Sartorialist in that post but ended up going on a bit too much as it was. From what I know of you through this blog, it's hard to imagine you're mean, moody, etc.! And your blog is a perfect example of the kind of random abundance I love -- there's definitely a coherence happening.

La Belette Rouge said...

I have had friends say to me, after reading my blog, that they learned something about me that they didn't know about me.

And, I concur, I cannot imagine that your self description is accurate :-)

Suzanna Mars said...

Coherence can be overrated, my dear. Randomness can be quirkiness, which always gets my vote!

auntiegwen said...

Hard to imagine you as mean

indigo16 said...

Oh trust me, I have made many students cry over the years, I have never tolerated poor behavour and I have never sugar coated the truth. But the joy of this job is you get to laugh, if not with them, then at them. But yes from the suprised comments this blog obviusly does reflect the softer side of me. Thank you.