Monday, 14 January 2008

The view from here

At my previous school a Governor asked why I had stayed so long, I replied that it was the view. My room was on a south facing corner on the third floor of a school perched on a hill I could see for miles, mostly trees and fields so no matter how crap my day was I looked out of the window and recharged. Last week I walked into my art room to see my daughters tutor ( Head of Art next door) and her textiles teacher. They were looking to see if they could buy part of the school once we vacate it. I love my art room and feel angry that I have to leave and the final twist of the knife is they will inherit it. This is the view I have, which even in winter is lovely My new room is high but over looks urban areas so where as now I see blossom, soon all I will see is nasty new houses and no trees. So it was sobering to watch a programme on BBC 2 last night about when Louis Theroux spent two weeks in San Quentin jail, because there they have no window in a cell they spend 23 hours a day in. So I must try to enjoy what I have and maybe look again for pastures new. To watch it, unbelievable viewing.

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