Wednesday, 2 January 2008


The journey to Prague was just stunning I loved taking photos on the train using the reflection. This was my favourite.

Yes I know, it looks lovely but.....

Back to Berlin and sadly no frost.

HOLY COW what an over priced dump. My mother spent 5 days here I wanted to leave after 5 hours. The Hotel was too far from the centre the usual compromise of swimming pool versus location. But it was not a pleasant stroll back it was the grimest walk ever, nasty dirty streets full of tramps and graffiti and dog crap. Everything was a rip off, the food was 3X what you would pay in Paris or Berlin or London everywhere was FULL of cigarette smoke so the only place you could have a quiet reasonably priced coffee was Mac bloody Donalds of which there were hundreds. Other shops were full of tourist tat like glass really nasty glass, babushkas and bloody puppets I guess this is where Pinocchio was born....I spent the entire trip feeling like an extra in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang expecting the child catcher to jump out at any minute. I hate that over wrought Baroque Gothic architecture NEVER again I never thought I would say this but it was a relief to get back into Germany, trust me that really is saying something. One small ray of exquisite aural beauty was the concert we went to in Bethlehem hall .That was magical and worth the trip...just.

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