Saturday, 5 January 2008


I left school yesterday and went straight to Oxford to collect Kitty who was abandoned by her elder sister in favour of a New Years party. Kitty is a chatterbox par excellence and kept my mother entertained for a week. my mother in return kept her fed and watered which if you knew Kitty is no mean feat. Absence meant kitty REALLY missed me and I have the card to prove it which I will laminate so she can not rip it up in her all too frequent moments of anger, I shall then wave it in front of her when she calls me the worst mother in the world (I have yet to have the heart to point out its a one horse race). It was lovely to be alone on the coach and then to arrive to a roast chicken dinner, I then slept in for the first time since I can remember as E or the wonderful Leyla always wakes me up early. Utter bliss. I however took 5 hours to come back drop her off at her dads then come home but... I have just watched the last 2 episodes of Sex and the City, An American in Paris (sublime) and I am now watching my Christmas present from my sister Julia, Muse Absolution tour DVD eating my mothers homemade Christmas cake,life does not get much better.
My mother retires this year and I have told her to spend it all, every last penny on living in style, she is worried she will be bored so I have suggested she writes a cookery book. My parents ran restaurant in York for many years, my sister Julia who still lives in York says that people still talk about it. It was years ahead of its time and its demise was caused by a mixture of my fathers incompetence and the greed of the landlords. Now it is so easy to publish a book via blurb I think it will give her some thing to look forward to s she is not looking forward to retiring.

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