Friday, 12 September 2008

Best dressed

What I love about this outfit, is that rather than dress to flatter, she has dressed to please herself.
As the debate rages on about the merits, or rather lack of them of Peg Leg trousers and Cocoon coats, photographs like this can remind us that fashion should be about having fun.
Less 'does my bum look big in this' And more about enjoying the shape and texture of clothes. as well as protecting us from the cruel vagaries that the weather throws at us, clothes can surely sometimes be allowed to entertain us.

If I were to analyse this photograph with my students I would criticise many aspects of it, from the poor lighting to the muddled and overly centered composition.
BUT as I said to them today, the rules are there to be broken, and this is an example of how. Because despite everything, it is the most beautiful photograph the Sartorialist has taken in a long while.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I like picture #2. I like the way the shape of the bun is mirrored in the building behind her.

materfamilias said...

Yes! This sentiment is exactly what I've been groping towards lately -- we spend too much time wondering whether a garment flatters us (according to which flatterer?) and too little just enjoying it for our own reasons.

indigo16 said...

I spotted the bun thing too. isn't it amazing?
Materfamilias, fashion historically has not always styled us to look skinny and I hope we can move on soon,

miss cavendish said...

I love these images.

I might wear a different shoe with the first emsemble (can't bear lined shoes/boots)but love the cheery (Oilily?) jumper and the way the young woman wears this with confidence.

It's hard to believe that the second photo is taken in Bryant Park, but I can picture its exact location. It could also be in a Parisian park. And topknots have always been my go-to look ever since Yasmin LeBon rocked them in the 90s . . .