Monday, 29 September 2008

Leeds Castle

The view from here. One happy bunny.

Leyla's school always gives their classes a name. Last year each class was named after a sportsperson. This year it is castles. Leyla's class got Leeds, I had half hoped they were named after football teams so that we could drive up to Elland Road, but it was not to be. She of course was then given a project on castles and needless to say she chose Leeds Castle. In a weak moment I promised a visit at the weekend.
So after lunch on Sunday off we podded down the M20. It was packed, we sauntered up to the entrance to discover that for the 3 of us it would cost £40! the ticket allowed numerous visits over a year, great for locals but we only had 3 hours, so we decided to let her loose in the shop to buy some postcards, and as it was such a glorious day I suggested a walk around the perimeter so she could take a few photos. Well Lady Luck was smiling on us because as we followed a public footpath it took us directly around the side of the grounds over a style into Leeds Castle!
So we wandered around waiting for security to spot us and escort us of the premises, but no we wandered with impunity. I had been to the castle many years ago but I forgotten how beautiful the apartments were, so I went a little snap happy.
We had a lovely day. Leyla can now do her project with a cherry on top.


La Belette Rouge said...

I think I saw this castle on an episode of "keeping up appearances". Your pictures are much better. And, Lelya is so lovely I think that the castle should be named "Lelya Castle."

indigo16 said...

She would indeed love to own it! and she certainly behaves like a princess, not neccessarily all in a good way either!

indigo16 said...

Oh and How fantastic that you watch 'keeping up appearances' I love it and try to catch the reruns.