Tuesday, 30 September 2008



"The unobviuos subject matter of socks has triggered my attention for a long time. I realised that socks are not just socks but can be viewed as 'significant' things. They are pathetic and full of imperfections. They slip and they sometimes slip down into your shoe - which is so annoying. They look like graphic signs. In 1994 I laid them out to dry and realised they looked like chromosomes. They always lose their partner, however wise or old we get we always look for the matching sock. Then again it is a little delight of the day to find a clean matching pair."
A quote from Wolfgang Tillmans (my hero)

I have a basket full of odd socks, you can imagine how the 5 of us generates many lonely singles. I do struggle to wear odd socks they somehow feel different, if I have a precious pair of Falke I will loosely knot them before washing to help them on their way.
I have been mulling over what I would like to do with some of my photographs. It seems to me that I need to find a common thread, (all be it tenuous as you can see in Tillmans work.)
I have been trying to go through and put into a file my favourites, it is taking forever. It is one of those hideous stop start projects that I have made harder by storing my photos on 2 separate computers, sans back up!!
Note to self, Back up.


La Belette Rouge said...

I am not a big sock wearer now that I am in L.A. so all the socks in our wash belong to He-weasel. I fold all clothes but I have a no sock folding policy. I do hear He-weasel complaining about losing a sock here and there. At last count I heard he was missing one.

No common thread needed for me. Feel free to post sock photos or even metaphorical single socks. I just would love to see more of your work.

auntiegwen said...

My children refuse to wear matching socks, they just select 2 from the pile.

I however, hide mine away and always do matching