Thursday, 25 September 2008

Marni Love

photos from here

I love the label Marni and this years collection is brilliant. Consuelo Castiglioni always pushes the boundaries, the jewellery is especially innovative and a constant source of inspiration.
I have noticed a lot of layering creeping in this year. Could it be a reaction to the miserable summer many European countries had?


La Belette Rouge said...

Those necklaces. Le sigh!!!!!Le swoon!!! I need more necklaces. I want a Marni necklace.

indigo16 said...

You and me both.

auntiegwen said...

Gorgeous jewellery but it would swamp me, I seem to wear small classic silver coloured stuff. Luckily the ex had a guilty conscience and I have acquired a decent collection of jewellery.

Thanks for your advice, I actually had lots of Banana Republic stuff from previous American holidays but I used to be a lot bigger so it's been charitied now.

I feel a trip to London coming on ...