Tuesday, 16 September 2008


ellisborough has a website and a blog

Using a simple, soft colour palette, high quality 100% brushed cotton and inspired one-off accessories, Mark customises each garment by hand, using an archive of vintage and rare buttons sourced from defunct button factories, European flea markets, secret charity stores and a vast network of aunties and grandmothers.

(I found this on the brilliant Kingdom Of Style blog)

Ellisborough is a wonderful talent not least because it embraces the whole recycle philosophy that is so prevalent at the moment. It also resonates with me because I love buttons and have quite a large stash of my own, which I occasionally use to re button cardies whose buttons I dislike. This alone can save the life of a tired garment. Ellisborough takes this a stage further to create something more individual.
These garments also reminds me of the story of one of the kings of Denmark. He would keep a velvet bag filled with buttons in his pocket, whenever he became stressed he would plunge his hand into the bag and run the buttons through his fingers. Try it, it is really calming.

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