Wednesday, 24 September 2008


With love to the incomparable Ms Cunningham.

I would love to solarize this one

I am back in one piece, sans a migraine so it could not have been too bad. It rained of course, but fortified with a latte and the most delicious lemon drizzle cake ever, I survived.
I once stood behind someone in M&S food hall who had in his basket freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon mousse, some fizzy lemon drink and some lemon cake. I should have dropped down on one knee and asked him to marry me. I LOVE the taste of lemon, in both savoury and sweet food. It top trumps chocolate any day and if I could, I would eschew my all be it delicious marmalade for lemon curd, but if you have ever seen the calories...
I managed to keep the brats under control. The gallery was huge, much bigger than I expected full of really beautiful botanical illustration. How wonderful to spend a life time collecting paintings and then build a gallery to house them all in.
The tree top walk was a little disappointing I thought it would be higher. However a colleague said it was quite high enough for her so maybe I am being churlish.
As you can probably see I forgot my effing Pentax. So bang went my macro photography session. instead I scrabbled around the bottom of my bag and dug out the Lumix, switched it to B/W mode and had some fun.


La Belette Rouge said...

Lemon in savory is one of my favorite flavors. But, I detest it in sweet. I hate to use such a strong word to describe a lemon. However it is up there with okra and lima beans in the things I do not like.

These photos are gorgeous! So glad you survived.

materfamilias said...

Come visit me and I'll make you a lemon meringue pie!

materfamilias said...

just back to say that you taught me something -- I googled to find out who "the incomparable Ms. Cunningham" is/was and now I know. And your photos are, indeed, a tribute to Imogen and her botanical work.

indigo16 said...

How can lemon and okra be uttered in the same breath!! hang on maybe that would taste good too!

auntiegwen said...

I'm a lemon girl too