Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Thomas Straub

Another favourite journal is Bloom, from which these photographs are from taken by Thomas Straub
I only managed to acquire 5 copies from various airports when the Euro was at a good rate. Now however the magazine costs well over £50, which, when you consider that most good art books are approx £35, makes it an expensive luxury I will have to go without. The magazine has some of the best photographic work I have ever seen, making it very inspirational, so I will make do with the few I have and track down some of the photographers work on their own web sites.


La Belette Rouge said...

I am not sure why but these images make me sad. I guess the flowers on the cotton pad next the other image of the flowers on the torso make me think of a mastectomy. I know that is a totally random association---I don't even know anyone who has had breast cancer. Le sigh! Sorry, but these images are really evocative. I really FEEL something when I look at them. That is what art is supposed to do. Right?

indigo16 said...

They are images that have stayed with me for years, so I agree that there is something very compelling about them.

miss milki said...

I think they're really beautiful photos. There's a certin fragility to them.