Monday, 8 September 2008

Wearing the trousers

I have noticed that whilst I tend to update my 'tops,' the bottom half tends to remain the same. These trousers have come very close to the charity bag on many occasions. They are well over 5 years old and in fact the reason I still have them is they are too old to give away. My recent acquisition of a number on longer tunic style tops, means that a slimmer bottom is needed. They look silly with skirts and hideous with wide leg trousers, so to balance them they need some thing slim but not overtly skinny.
So, luckily for me I have these old trousers from GAP in grey and black. Perfect, I wish I had bought more, you so rarely see this style. I love the fact they are slightly cropped as well, I did also dig out a curious pair of cord twist Levis as well, which I can just do up, so I am good to go for now.

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