Monday, 22 September 2008


Christ Church Gallery.
This is a very beautiful tranquil location in which to see some superb paintings. I however preferred the drawings, I got to see one of my all time favourites. The head of a young woman by Andrea del Verrocchio and this amazing drawing by his pupil Leonardo da Vinci. My years nine students are drawing it all this week.

I went to Oxford because when Daisy returned home she dragged a case heavier than she was, but it was not full of clothes and shoes, all the stuff she needed. No, it was full of books. Daisy had ransacked my mothers extensive classical library and left all that was useful behind. So I went to collect the rest, as well as see mother who has now retired, she is keen to see as us as often as she can to ease the boredom. As she said, she has lots to do, but misses the everyday conversation that come with working in a college . Unless she makes the effort, she could go for days without a conversation. We have tried to suggest ways to avoid this, but bloody hell is she picky.
So we ( I took Kitty) arrived Friday evening at eight to a roast chicken dinner and a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Delicious.
Saturday we spent meandering round galleries and shops. I went to my favourite shoe shop which had THE MOST gorgeous pair of black sling backs. I try not to taunt myself by trying on heels but these were so classic and looked divine, sadly whilst my right foot said yes, I did not even bother with the left and slunk away. I was half tempted to buy them just to look at them occasionally. Life living in Birkenstocks maybe comfortable but it is also a little dull.
The blue sky mixed with the beautiful architecture of the Oxford Colleges was very uplifting.
I returned home on Sunday to a pile of dirty laundry, dirty dishes and hungry children. Hey ho!

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