Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I maybe gone for some time..

I am for my sins, (and they are many) taking 46 students to Kew Gardens tomorrow, and yes it will be a nice day out, but the stress migraine is already knocking. I will take the macro lens and do some work whilst wondering if they have been garroted by a rogue vine, speared by a cactus . or have fallen in one of the many, many water features.
For some of these students it will be their first time out of their local environment. I took a trip 2 years ago and when they saw the palm House they were gobsmacked at the sheer size of it and of the the plants inside.
I will also finally get to the Shirley Shirwood gallery, so that will tick another small box.
My sixth form students were recently mulling over what nationality a Dutch person would be, they tried a number of countries and finally settled on Denmark. I put them right, and so one sweet child asked what someone from her hometown would be, I replied "A Chav" They were all quite taken aback at first, then nodded in agreement that they may not be one but that is what they were known as. Poor souls. So you can see why the good people of Kew maybe somewhat taken aback as they run shrieking through the gardens.
I recently marked some year 8 test papers where one student apparently had spent a great deal of time studying an artist by the name of 'Whorehole' I hope to God she did not Google Image him, can you imagine the shock? I am planning on writing a small book that lists the various misspelt artists names, Van Goth being one of the most popular
This is just a small taster of life at the chalk front or whiteboard now,and why I may be gone for sometime.


La Belette Rouge said...

God bless you! There is a special place in art heaven for your kind act of selflessness.

"Whorehole!!!!"That may be the funnies misspelling I have ever read. Hilarious!

auntiegwen said...

Love it !