Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mark Shaw

This one is for La Belette Rouge
Shot in a Paris courtyard, a model is seen wearing a red Chanel velvet gown, 1955.

Photographed in 1953 at the French country estate, Corbeville, Jane Sprague models a ball gown by Jacques Fath.

France1960'sCaptured here by famed Kennedy's photographer is a modelin the Paris living room of legendary interior designer Henri Samuel.

Original Limited Edition Mark Shaw fashion photograph. This is from a never published series taken by Shaw for LIFE magazine. Pictured here is a model in the 17th century house where Manon Lescaut once lived, then owned by Suzanne Luling, directrice of Dior in Paris, 1960.
Read more and see more here via The Paris Apartment
I was struck by the stunning room settings as much as the stunning clothes. I just ache to own a coat like this grey one. In fact I ache to live during this era full stop, (not sure my waist line agrees) The simplicity, the cut of the coats. My mother had a similar Dog Toothed check one. If only she still had it. As a child I was raised in very plain A line dresses with funnel collars. Of course I hated them, I wanted to wear full waisted dresses, ones you could twirl like the characters in the books I read.
Now I can appreciate the simplicity of cut and wish I had kept them.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I adore these photos. They look so strangely modern and classic at the same time.

Your dresses sound like they were super-chic.If you find some like it please post. And, if you find a worm hole into this chic time I so want to come. Le sigh!!