Monday, 15 September 2008

Lost property

A few months back, you may remember I lost my purse. I reported it to the train company and unbelievable a week later I had a phone call to say that it had been handed in with all the money still in there. My sister could not believe how lucky I was. I have a theory that items found have a better chance of survival than we think because most people are, despite what we read in the news inherently honest and will do unto others etc..
This weekend my sister phones to say she thought that somehow she had left her brand new Orla Kiely shopper on the train, It was a gift from a friend. Inside was all her Spanish work, plus a handful of credit card statements unopened. Although she was heartbroken to loose the bag she was far more afraid of losing her identity via all the info on her credit card statements.
She mentally retraced her steps, went to both Victoria and Canon St stations no luck. Then today remembered that she had a headache and had gone to Boots to buy some tablets. Unbelievably someone hand handed it in. She is to say the least a very happy bunny! oh and a lucky one too.
To all those who hand in what they find, we love you and thank you.


La Belette Rouge said...

I love the happy ending for both of you!

materfamilias said...

Wonderful! I agree with you that there are many, many people who would automatically turn in a found purse or wallet -- I've had my own rescued for me the same way (sadly, I've also had my wallet stolen from my purse, but that's another story . . . )