Monday, 7 June 2010

Aging with Style

So once again my arse is glued to my seat whilst I tap away at the keyboard. Not the most relaxing of half terms, but as I always seem to say "it was nice to get out of London", and I am lucky that I get out and go to York which is only 3 hours door to door to where I live and is one of the most amazing cities to visit even if it was with a HUGE number of other tourists. I have a few images to share once edited so as not to bore the pants off you.

Meanwhile I was struck by how popular the whole 'age' thing is at the moment. Much editorial space was dedicated to it in Vogue this month and the weekend supplements had chunks on it too. maybe retailers will start to see that this is an un-yet untapped and sometimes unfulfilled market. Although if your like me and love to shop you will have a wardrobe replete with much that is good from the high street. I am very lucky my high street is Regent street and Long Acre but there is mail order and some of my best finds have been from local boutiques in small towns. It can be done but I wish we had more that is similar to the myriad of shops I saw in Sweden. I hope you can read the text, I really relate to much of what has been written above, being an art student does allow us a huge amount of experimentation so that when we have to pare it down we can do so building on successes of the past.

Funny how much black appears at this age, I guess women would rather appear slimmer than look younger, although I am not sure that black if broken up by jewellery is that aging. I love the outfit above and envy her cropped hair. I am currently applying a LOT of John Freida product in an effort to smooth the frizz!

It is still slightly galling to read features about normal sized women only to be treated to uber skinny models in the fashion editorial. I forgive this image from Stella magazine because it is sublime and I really would LOVE to at least try it.

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materfamilias said...

These are great -- the top two especially. I'm glad I work in a field where I can afford to express myself altho' I sometimes think I should do more editing, as the two gorgeous women in the first article obviously do. I know I end up more funky than chic and I also know that might not be the best look for me, especially at this age, but it seems to express something that I need to say, so . . .
Hope that Vogue is still on the stands when I hit London next week. Next week! Woohoo!