Thursday, 17 June 2010

A sight for sore eyes

How wonderful it must be to dress like this, just for one day mind you.
This image from the daily mail is food for the soul. Proof that size really does not matter because each and everyone of these women look amazing.
I survived the trauma of checking my bank balance. I had to print a statement then go and sit down before glancing at the figure. I had to check 3X that there was no dreaded DR after the amount. Although I was DR free I had not saved enough money to pay for the holiday, so it will be DR for the next 3 months. It is my fault, I have had a lot of expense with Daisy and Kitty, since their father married his wallet has shut tight and so I get to pick up the tab. This combined with my own profligacy has left me short. But I have stopped spending before and will do so for the next 2 months which tend to be quite barren anyway as I am not a fan of the sale rack.
The moderation was so bad I went to Bluewater and bought two cardies. Yes pathetic I know yet strangely cathartic. You will see one tomorrow and the other is an acid yellow one that I have wanted for over a year. The wardrobe watch has spurred me on to add just a splash of colour occasionally at least! Talking of colour, I was veeerrry tempted by this necklace from ASOS my new retail squeeze.

The hours of mindless virtual shopping you can do on this website is amazing, I am very impressed with their stock, the free p&p and the fact that many own brand clothes go up to large sizes. What's not to love?
On the home front there is little grist for the mill, primarily because all of the girls have a room of their own and a desk of their own.
Emin is busy calculating his retirement, (having made it to 10 years in full time employment! compared to my 25...) I told him that women living with younger men die earlier..(why I do not know) he is now trying to work out a way for me to retire at least a couple of years earlier. We both of course have to wait for Leyla to finish school so 10 years and counting.
The only elephant in the room is Kitty's adolescence, she continues to veer between angelic and the angriest girl in the world. Festering in her mind are all my shortcomings and I only have to proffer a tiny exasperated sigh to unleash hell at the moment. Nothing too shouty but venomous nevertheless. So appease the demon I have to race home a rustle a shepherds pie up or else.......

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