Friday, 18 June 2010

Wadrobe watch No9

OK, so I am kind of wedded to the whole trouser thing at the moment. Memo to self Break out and wear a bloody skirt or two...the thing is it is just sooo easy to wear trousers and I am loving these harem pants despite the fact that a colleague described them as a little 'MC Hammer!' how rude! especially as she is the ONLY woman I have EVER known who at 4'11 manages to wear trousers that are too short. Ha, buy a full length mirror and weep.
She is marvelling at my persistence with this project, but I am like a dog with a bone and have decided to keep going at least until the end of term to prove to my students it is not hard to sustain a sequence.
Emin on seeing the green trousers said I had traumatised him because it was like living with his grandad who wore identical trouser in Cyprus, I MUST find a picture of him he had real style. The grandad not Emin. Monday 10/10
Not in million years did I ever think I would wrap a belt round my waist, but those tummy crunches have worked a little and I can now wear them at a pinch, so my floppy Jigsaw top is belted to perfection here under a long Zara cardie and Zara trousers.
Tuesday 10/10
MC Hammer trousers from COS. That top would you believe was given to Daisy by my mother, Daisy wore it with a thick elastic corset belt with trousers and looked lovely, she says it has shrunk! she is a size 10 to my 16, so she was throwing it out, it is spotty silk from jasper Conran and how good does it look with these trousers? That is thrifting.
Worn with a black silk COS cardie and bright orange beads.
Wednesday 10/10
Obviously because I do not have enough grey cardies I bought another one, this from Phase Eight, not normally on my radar but this year I have been really impressed with quite a few pieces. Not quite so 'mother of the bride' as they used to be. worn with another pair of black Zara jeans (I have 4 pairs!) The soft jersey ones and the blue version of the top from Jigsaw I wore on Monday.
Thursday 10/10
My Cyprus peasant harem pants, worn with a Jigsaw vest under a Primark Cardie.
Friday 9/10
Another pair of Zara trousers worn with the pretty silk rosette top from Southwold under a lovely butter yellow cardie from COS
Guess who I am meeting for dinner? Materfamillias! then we are off to see the Tempest at the Old Vic along with Daisy who today is currently sitting 2 hours plus of physics and 2 hours plus of maths!
She will need a lot of TLC

Bellette if you are reading this I can't access your blog...where are you? Can I join the club?


FortyNotOut said...

Love that Jigsaw top belted and I adore Harem pants at the moment. Loving your Wardrobe Watch! x

materfamilias said...

10 or 12 years ago, I had a lovely pair of floaty silk chiffon pants by LaCache, yes, a bit hippy, wide legs but lightly elasticized at the ankle and the waist -- and my daughters delighted in calling them my MC Hammer pants and until the last year or two would remind each other about "those MC Hammer pants mom used to wear"-- if only I'd held on to them a bit longer, they might be borrowing them now. . .

Paul and I really enjoyed getting together on Friday night -- Daisy's great! we have our fingers crossed for her . . .