Friday, 25 June 2010

Wardrobe watch No10

It was a bit of a shock to leap from 13 to 27 degrees in one day! My room at work gets the sun very early and as it has a metal roof you can only imagine how hot it gets, we open the piddling little windows and set off some fans but it barely touches the surface. So loose and fluid is the answer. Monday 9/10
This is not the most flattering of photographs, it did look better on I promise. The stripy top is from Next, it is so light, it is lovely in the heat, worn over a a random black skirt via EBay which although very long and full is cool to wear.
Tuesday 9/10
Again a very thin fluid dress which is so sheer it is see through, so layered for modesty and Emin, worn over some COS PJ bottoms.
Wednesday 7/10
I loved this skirt when I bought it from White Stuff in St Ives, it features my favourite bird the swallow but I felt quite frumpy wearing it. The top is from Jigsaw a lovely forgiving shape but my least favourite colour now, brown. Why I do not like brown any more, I don't know. I have a some lovely skirts in that colour but they never feel very cutting edge on.
Thursday 8/10
Lovely tissue thin silk skirt from Kew, worn with one of 'those' GAP tops that I hate but fulfils a function, which is to cover the tops of my arms. I particularly dislike this one as it has two pathetic waterfall frills down the front that make me feel like a stegosaurus.
Friday 9/10
You've seen it before, it drops a grade because it is not new and I am unconvinced by the colour of the trousers. Still it is lovely to wear.

I have thankfully saved many skirts from the discarded pile over the years 'just in case' and I am very thankful, as at a time when I normally have to get the wellies out. Glastonbury + Wimbledon = RAIN the temperature is rising daily, along with the humidity so although nothing special, I am staying pleasantly cool.

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La Belette Rouge said...

Thursdays is my favorite. You do not look like a stegosaurus.;-)