Thursday, 10 June 2010

Icons of style

Iris Apfel
Meandering through some web site or other I tripped over some images from the CFDA awards. I confess I have never seen or heard of Iris but I am obviously late to the party, my loss. What an Icon of style. image from Peabody Essex Museum

This image via The Guardian

and this one from both showing the stunning jacket (Balenciaga) she was wearing. Conclusive proof that age is and never will be a barrier to looking stunning on any occasion.
I have in my scrapbook another image of someone whose name I had forgotten, when I saw these images I thought it was Iris Apfel, but further trawling the web revealed her name was Fleur Cowles.

Again stunning to the very end.

Images from here and Vanity Fair


Patricia G said...

They both look wonderful women who have obviously always made an effort. The clothes are fab. Great hair too and they've looked after themselves.
I just don't get Iris's glasses. I just don't get them at all. Returned today to have another look and I'm still baffled.

DafnaDiamant said...

wow. they have style.