Monday, 21 June 2010

That was the weekend

Daisy and I hooked up with Mater and Pater from materfamilias on Friday night for a bite to eat and a chat, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves especially Daisy after a gruelling day of exams.
We all went to see the Tempest which was not as good as I had hoped, Good, but this was my first Shakespeare play I saw bizarrely 20 years previously at the Old Vic, this time a Jonathan Miller production with Max von Sydow, for me his interpretation was better, more melodramatic and focused.
Last year I thought Sam Mendes had worked a miracle with A Winters Tale, but too many of those tricks had been applied to this production too and it all ended up looking and feeling like a trailer for Lost! The cast was hamstrung by their inability to enunciate some of the dialogue without mumbling, but I am being mean now, I would give it 3/5 Oh and there was no interval! My poor bum. I will be interested to see the reviews. Friday we will see the same cast in All's Well That Ends Well I suspect the frothiness will work better.

The rest of the weekend was the usual domestic drudge of gym, shopping, washing. Leyla was back in A&E with a suspected broken wrist which was a near tragedy as she is supposed to be serenading her cousin at their wedding in a few weeks time. Luckily is is just a sprain and so she gets a week off practising.

Oh, and shall I tell you the story of Daisy's prom dress? I had not really quite registered the details of this looming catastrophe, I had enquired as to what she was wearing since previously she borrowed a lovely dress from her step mother, me jealous moi?
This year as she has a boyfriend from an opposing school she will be going to two proms and I think having done it on the cheap once she thought she would push the boat out. I was told many friends were ordering dresses from America!! Why? But she assured me she had found somewhere half the price and I did not bother to investigate further. Then Saturday I get an angry phone call from Daisy livid because the box the dress had arrived in look like it had been drop kicked by Johnny Wilkinson, to make matters worse she had had to pay Parcel Force £36...I was so confused, I told her to let me sort it out when I got home.
The story appears to go like this;
  • Daisy wants a dress
  • Daisy's boyfriends mother tells her of a dress maker who can make one cheaper in Malaysia!!
  • Daisy's boyfriends mother measures Daisy and emails the measurements with a vague picture
  • The lady in Malaysia makes the dress and writes the cost of the dress on the customs note and passes on the p&p charges to Daisy.
  • Daisy not only has to pay £10 p&p but £26 tax.
Not looking so bloody cheap now is it Daisy? The dress is OK, but....too big and since it has a fitted bodice we now have to pay someone to take it in two fucking inches...I am so ANGRY, why did she not check with me? I could have helped her find a lovely dress for A LOT LESS.
Something died inside me this weekend. I love Daisy and to be honest I would have been just as stupid at her age, except I thought we had a better relationship than that, plus I would NEVER even then trust anything I could not feel and fit on.
That child is a fucking money pit and to make matters worse on the day of her prom she is travelling to LIVERPOOL!! to compete in a cheer leading contest. She is INSANE.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

My God don't they drive you nuts! Last year my youngest daughter was in The Times for her prom, they were doing a feature. Two years before Daughter 2 had picked a Jovani dress and I printed off 3 pages of UK stockists. I rang from Scotland to Cornwall, finally found one in her size but not right colour and paid for it over the phone trusting the shop assistant. It was £500 and I still had to pay for alterations! Your post did make me laugh because that is exactly how I talk about my girls!

materfamilias said...

Sorry, but I have to say if that's the worst of it you're getting off lucky!! I've helped three shop for prom dresses and except for my youngest it was a horrid and expensive experience -- and all three of them admitted that the evening itself was a huge disappointment.
We felt the same as you about the performance -- decent enough but rather lacklustre and Prospero was tough to hear -- and what was that video bit about?! didn't think that worked well at all. Still, an enjoyable evening thanks to the company!
oh, and btw, the National Cafe's cream tea is just the scone and some really decent "Builder's Tea"-- we watched people order the full sandwiches-and-scone-and-petits-fours tea and didn't think it looked worh the price.