Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Howard Hodgkin

Hodgkin is for me the greatest living painter, I find it hard to explain why, other than his work genuinely moves me the more I see it, whilst most other paining can slip into surface decoration his suck me in.
I always enjoy reading any interview with him as he gives such thoughtful heartfelt answers and yesterdays Observer carried this discussion with him. My favourite soundbite was this one. Particularly pertinent after the miserable football match yesterday! But I do wonder if I too am living that life of quiet desperation!

So would you believe just as Mother leaves Oxford the MoMA finally puts on a descent exhibition, which is coupled with an equally amazing exhibition at the Ashmoleon of his Indian miniature paintings of elephants.

I will console myself with this book instead.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I've never heard of him. It seems I have really been missing out. I am sorry his mother wasn't alive to see his success.
I love the lushness of his brushstroke. The pain looks like it was just put on the canvas.
p.s. I am totally with you on Bono. I think he thinks he is the Dalai Lama.