Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The view from here.... On the train to York

The journey to York I only lived in York for two years. There is a 10cc song "One Night In Paris is like a year in any other place" Well 2 years in York and truly if I had the time I could fill a book such were the adventures.
The men, the nightlife, the laughs, despite the shock of moving there (especially as I had always partied in Leeds) It was an amazing place to be.
I had (if you have read the blog for more than a year you will know this) lived in a small Yorkshire village, not too bad and I certainly loved the countryside but the trek into Leeds every time I wanted a night out was a pain. But I was settled, friends? I had a few, two lucrative jobs and I was half way through A Levels. I was using my wages to pay for driving lessons, I was crap and really not that into them.
One day Mother quite out of the blue insisted I drove her mini with her to Leeds. I was wearing clogs and the pedals on an old mini cooper are beyond vile. I nearly killed us both and instead of a patient sigh I got a full scale rant listing AGAIN the inadequacies of my shortcomings., of which she could now add an inability to drive to.
I was puzzled at the outburst. I was paying, it was my choice, what was the problem? Out of the blue she announced "we were moving to York", 12+ miles from my school, it was a done deal, father was moving out AGAIN and they were buying a house next to where Mother worked. At this point I guessed you suck it up and deal with it. Now as a mother I am appalled that they could have been so self absorbed and selfish, but they were both very good at that.
So I shrugged said "No problem" went to school and blagged a lift from a teacher. Many teachers lived in York, probably because it was nice and cheap. I knew a pretty tasty specimen lived there but quelle surprise his car was full. I had to then pray the teacher recommended to me as having a space did not recognise me as the nosey, bone idle idiot who interrupted his lessons in the next room with my incessant laughing. He did not and the rest is history.
I got my lift and for a year walked right across town to meet him and another teacher. I gleaned lots of gossip, was told off for spreading said gossip! and developed a HUGE crush on him. luckily it was reciprocated and the following year having blagged my way into art college without an art A Level! We dated and had lots of fun. Lots of tears too, but as I say there is a book in there somewhere.
After 2 years I moved to London for good. My parents reconciled then moved to Nottingham, then moved back to York opened a restaurant then split up for good. Don't EVER open a restaurant if you in any way cherish someone.
They both left York again but now Mother has retired she has moved back and once again I find myself on the train to York.

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