Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I heart menswear

The Tempest
As You Like It

Both images from here

I would not even think to trawl the pages of for the menswear collection, but the Sartorialist featured a photograph taken at the Junya Watanabe collection that featured stripes. Now you all know I am not a little obsessed with all things stripy so I had a look, then had a longer look and was struck by the androgynous feel of many of the collections, especially the Agnes B collection.
This comes hot on the tail of As You Like It, which Daisy and I saw on Friday. It was absolutely brilliant, in stark contrast to The Tempest, this time they nailed it. I was riveted by the Miranda's beautiful costumes in The Tempest and the costumes in As You Like It were great too, Rosalind's summer suit and trilby were wonderful, it seems that menswear in general is most desirable this year.

left to right

Agnes B 2x Kenzo & 2x Junya Watanabe

Plus 4x Paul Smith who's textures were lovely too.

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La Belette Rouge said...

Whomever did the styling for those plays did a fantastic job. Gorgeous to look at. The Tempest is one of my favorites. I am so forward to the movie( I did like the Cassavetes version too).