Tuesday, 22 June 2010

This weeks style icons

So when Emin said my new look reminded him of his grandad you can see why, only they wear it better don't you think? How wonderful is this picture? I love the waistcoat with the trousers and how I wish I could have found more pictures to show you, but I guess photographs like this were probably taken at weddings, since I can't imagine many on the island wandered around with a box brownie in their pocket.
This image is from Glam.com it appears to be an image promoting an ethical project by Donna Karan but although I love the room, I LOVE the outfit even more.

Two images from All The Pretty Birds I love the bag collection above and the whole outfit below

Well I am eating a slice of humble pie as we speak, I have always thought Stella McCartney rode on the coat tails of others more able, but this resort collection is a slice of heaven, each one I could frame.

From style.com
left to right
(Lost the name) The Row, Bernaz Sarapour, Stella McCartney, Vera Wang

This random image has been in my inbox for too long, it is a magazine cutting from Geometric Sleep my new favourite blog squeeze
I love the colours and was irritated that very few shops picked up on the whole camel thing this year maybe next season they will.


La Belette Rouge said...

There isn't a single image in this post I don't love. LOVE camel. Love the DK bed. Love Emin's grandfather. LOVE that he is a style icon!!!

indigo16 said...

Belette where are you?
Glad you like my taste, especially in grandchildren!!