Friday, 11 June 2010

Wardrobe Watch

Did you ever play with these?
I LOVED them, seriously could not get enough of them. I would take the template and create my own designs. Hours of fun. Later I would sew dresses for my Daisy doll
Then I went to college and learnt how to make the real thing. I no longer make my own clothes but derive inordinate amounts of pleasure playing dress up at home instead
You can always tell if I feel under the weather because I invariably gravitate towards trousers, plus the weather is vile. Monday 9/10
Lovely with the cardie but without it was a bit dull. New green top from COS, Zara jersey trousers and Zara very floppy cardie.
Tuesday 10/10
I love this one, very simple Zara trousers with a heavy viscose top from COS and the heavy almost gold cardie from Massimo Dutti.
Wednesday 8/10
Conscious I was slipping into my comfort zone I popped a pair of Capri tights under this to keep me warm. Linen wrap dress Betty Jackson. would score higher without the frilly hem line.
Thursday 10/10
I needed a day to night outfit as I was going to the RA summer show and then out for a bite to eat. My new trousers and top from COS plus a floppy cardie from Banana Republic. I am truly in love with these trousers and may try and get another pair before they go out of fashion!
Friday 9/10
You've seen it before, pin tucked COS dress.(sorry some repetition may begin to creep in) I would have liked a brighter cardie but had not time to think so wore it with what was on the hanger.
More from the summer show next week, it was suprisingly good.
Paper doll from here


materfamilias said...

Ahhhh, paper dolls -- loved them! And they were a lifesaver for long car trips when my kids were small.

I'd love a pair of those trousers as well -- they're the grey "sweats" material ones you got at Zara, is that right? I should see if I can find some when I'm there . . . altho'the suitcase is unlikely to have room for the bulk. I'll just have to make sure there's room in Pater's ;-)

Badaude said...

You do layering so well! Something I've never mastered...