Monday, 28 June 2010

Where the streets have no name - Muse feat. The Edge - Glastonbury 2010

I watched the concert on BB2 it was AMAZING, but this gave me goosebumps. A real what if moment, because I just cannot watch or listen to Bono which is a shame as the music is great.


La Belette Rouge said...

Why can't you watch or listen to Bono? I do find his present appearance to be less adorable than his 20-something visage.
p.s. The video didn't show up in my browser.

indigo16 said...

That is SO irritating you cannot see the feed, Mater told me that any BBC feeds do not show up outside of Britain, you may find one on You Tube.
I just hate Bono, he is so unbearably sanctimonious and so full of his own self worth, that whole rock musician playing at politician I HATE..I could go on!