Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Half term wardrobe watch

An eclectic week, not least because I ate out twice. You will notice immediately the predominance of trousers which is my default setting when on half term, sprinkled amongst all of this will a have been numerous outings wearing jeans.

Tuesday Night 10/10
My sister got tickets to see a warm up gig with Michael Mcintyre, so we met for a quick bite to eat at cafe Uno clutching a voucher, the money we saved on food we of course blew on a bottle of Prosecco. I am wearing a lovely floppy cardie from Zara over a very fine viscose Jigsaw tunic. Trousers from Zara too, they are new and I love them. They are jeans style but made of a thick cotton jersey, so comfortable
Wednesday 10/10
off to york, it is difficult to see by the photograph but the tunic is an old cotton one from GAP over really old jeans from Miss Selfridge. The cardie is a very light navy linen from Muji.
Saturday* 8/10
back home to London the heavy cotton long grey cardie is great for travelling, from Muji
Thursday 9/10
Stripy top, not sure what make but it is made of Hemp and is very light I bought it in a garage shop in Walberswick. I love the shape of it, worn over a pair of light linen trousers from New Look.
Friday 10/10
Mother wanted a long but lightweight dressing gown. The only shop I could think of was Next, I would never try and clothes shop in York but walking through Next I spied these trousers. I LOVED them, maybe not hugely flattering around my chunky calves but soo comfortable. I was wearing the loose viscose top from Jigsaw, I tied the belt that came with the trousers around my waist and Voila, Leyla decreed I looked great, an outfit fit to go out for a delicious Italian meal in.
* not sure how I got these in the wrong order!

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materfamilias said...

I love that last pair -- look like fun as well as comfy.
I note some bourgeois heroism in your supposedly relaxing time! And btw, I v. much appreciated your comment on my post. Your perspective is always so helpful.