Wednesday, 5 December 2007

30 must haves
via Thoughtful Dresser
I managed 10/30 just missed 11 as my brolly is black, every time I get a nice one the girls steal it and give me a black one back!
The 4 big no no's for me are The black dress I am a classic triangle big shoulders small hips so dresses never fit, nor do white shirts they make me look too butch. Sadly jeans, 6 years ago I had 25 pairs and that's the problem no one pair ever seems to fit the criteria, I can't now wear them for work so I have given up. Final no no is mascara, my eyes are so unbelievably sensitive coupled with a strange muscle weakness that means they don't work as a team, so all eye make up is off the agenda.
The 2 I would really like would be a jewellery box do they make them that big? as well as a tailored pair of black trousers, I have been looking for years, its like the holy grail I have wonderful tweed pairs so I guess money would solve that problem.

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