Monday, 3 December 2007

Poppy Treffry

Stephen Fry questioned the need for all British sites to have as opposed to .uk like other counties ie France= .fr its a little thing but you do wonder how it got that way.
Check out the above for some green recycled pressies.
This weekends magazines were awash with those Christmas lists, what to get x,y & z, age appropriate gifts, hobby appropriate gifts, on and on, the best was g2 green guide in last weeks Guardian, curiously the most optimistic came in the Saturday Guardian which was a list of gifts to make yourself, Lovely idea but lets face it to equip yourself with the right tools and materials to make it yourself 3 times (since the first 2 will be rubbish and go in the bin soaked with tears) it would be cheaper to leave it to the professionals and buy it, giving employments to those wonderful sellers on Etsy.

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