Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Oh to be a man!

When did the men of London become so well dressed? Travelling on the underground last week (which was too packed to read on) my eyes perused the carriage and counted no less than eight men wearing lovely tweed/Loden style coats accessorised with a stripy wool scarf. I have often hankered after a stripy scarf like the ones you see in gentleman outfitters on Jermyn St and I’ve always preferred men’s coats to women’s, primarily because the shoulder is cut more generously often with a raglan sleeve. I have said before my shoulders are on the large size and I feel restricted in most women’s coats. Men also have nicer fabrics, I love the textures and colours of men’s coats moss greens, deep navy, rich mustard, women tend to get on trend colours that either show the dirt after two outings or black. When I was younger I used to wear a coat I stole from my Granddad, it was a rich blue/grey tweed with wonderful plaited leather buttons sadly there comes a time when men’s clothes make you look like a man, unless you are super pretty/petite so those days are over. Yesterday Emin declared he was going to buy me a new coat as he hates the one I wear, I think its lovely, a black ¾ length A line black cashmere, with my favourite sleeves still never say no to a free lunch and as we are visiting the country of the coat, Germany (never have I seen so many wonderful coats than on the backs of Germans) I wont say no.

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