Monday, 17 December 2007

The wasp song

On Friday whilst bopping to the tunes of The Kaiser Chiefs one of our party nudged me and pointed to the man standing in front of us he was at least 6 foot 7 inches so a bit of an irritant view wise, however the reason for the nudge was she had seen a wasp crawling into the inside collar of his jacket. As Earls court was not an obvious place for a wasp I stepped up to take a closer look and during the break between songs I tapped him on the shoulder to tell him a wasp was crawling inside the collar of his jacket (its the teacher in me) He looked at me in total disbelief and quickly took of his jacket and threw it on the ground. It was my turn to look at him with disbelief as I saw he was wearing a girly tour T shirt. He looked really pissed of and asked if I was playing a trick on him, meanwhile my entire party had disowned me So I shouted that yes I was sure 2 of us had seen it, he then told us he was allergic to wasp stings so I searched the jacket but found no evidence of the wasp. I shrugged said sorry and stepped back he stomped off to the toilet we think to strip and make sure. He obviously thought we had made it up to get him to move and yes it did work, then 10 mins later he was back and seemed happy enough. another friend said she too had seen the wasp (thanks for the moral support) so I figured I had saved a life. another friend( male) suggested that I could use the same tactic on some of the other taller men or better still some of the younger women who he felt would be equally eager to whip off their clothes! All this happened during a new song which I missed and will forever be known as the wasp song.

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