Thursday, 20 December 2007


Finally I have solved the mystery, we have not had our usual high standard of Internet access because.....Daisy hoovered, ripped out the cord and then wondered why she could not spend the rest of the evening glued to MSN. I also have a stinking cold that wakes me up in the night like a kind of slow torture. I did however manage to haul my sorry little carcass around Bluewater for a couple of hours. The trick with a monolith like this is planning, get in early, focus on a few shops then when 12 o'clock strikes run like hell or you will be trapped forever circling, barely able to remember your name. Substantial damage was inflicted on my finances but I figure it is better to buy exactly what you need, not what is cheap and left hanging. Well that's what I keep telling myself. So I bought on recommendation from The thoughtful dresser some Chanel foundation, I haven't worn foundation for years but it looks good and feels good lets home I can look 10 years younger as well. Second purchase was warm undies because it is -5! in Prague so that was £100 for a few bits of thermal. Third treat was two winter skirts one black one grey both lovely, when I'm really cold I prefer wool tights and skirt over trousers and socks I hate long johns they feel like a nappy. So I'm good to go. Finally another pair of shoes/ trainers I have had my last pair for so long they wore through the sole, so comfortable were they, so time willing I am posting some photos tomorrow of my bumper crop of shoes as well as packing, driving the girls to their dads, cleaning, tidying, changing the beds etc, etc, etc

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Get well soon! LLG xx