Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Where is it?

Disney Roller Girl opened my eyes to a practise I had never thought could exist, in her post Cruel Intentions she states "people often complain that clothes featured in shoots are impossible to find" http://disneyrollergirl.blogspot.com/ This happened to me twice. Two years ago I saw my dream coat in Easy Living, it was from Principles and I must have gone in 5 times to ask if they had it in. No and why because I now know it did not exist and staying with Arcadia, Vogue featured a beautiful shirt supposedly from Wallis, again I tried frequently to track it down and again no luck, again it obviously didn't exist. So why do this? do they think we are so stupid that we will browse for something similar? No, we get frustrated, irritated and generally cross the shop off our list. As I have gravitated towards Foreign titled magazines I get less chance to try and buy a look but more opportunity to be influenced by a style which has to be for the good although God knows what magazines Hadley Freeman thinks we art teachers read judging by what she thinks we wear, Women's Realm probably.

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