Saturday, 8 December 2007


Why do I always cry when children sing carols? Its so embarrassing
Why have I put so much weight on this year? & why does it get harder and harder to shift?
Why is Emin so grumpy? & why does it take a threat for me to leave for him to calm down?
Why does Daisy want to be a Dr when she is so lazy?
Why is there never anything to watch on television on a Saturday night?
Why does every job in the loft take twice as long as it should to be finished?
Why do I have to walk a dog that's not mine?
Why am I always cold?
Why does no one else put away the clean washing?
Why is it always dark?
Why have I left my Christmas shopping so late when I am having Christmas dinner with my family on Saturday?
Why haven't I even printed my Christmas card let alone written and sent them?

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