Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Velevt Week

I recently went to Uniglo to marvel at the pantone cashmere as anyone who reads this blog will know I loose all sense of financial reality around cashmere, my fingers really twitched around the dark grey marl, so tempting, on my right shoulder the devil in me is screaming "buy buy". On my left shoulder the angel in me (very small) screamed "step away from the cashmere you have too much grey". I would like to say that self control won the day, but it didn't, size and fit did, this lovely knitwear is cut skinny and straight which does not sit well on my middle aged spread. I did also try on a Shetland wool dress that was lovely but would have been too warm sans coat on the frozen tundra. Sadly I fell flat on my face financially in jigsaw buying a delicious turquoise thermal cardie and a hook and eye fastening down the back cardie.
I realised on Sunday with a start that we are nearly a third of the way through the Velvet season and I haven't worn any yet so this week is officially velvet week.

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