Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Today I wore

I know the English do nothing but gripe about the weather, it is part of our genetic make up to do so. But it truly it is bloody freezing at the moment hence not one but two scarves

My favourite pearl necklace and cosy grey sweater, although whenever my mother sees me wear something like this she shudders at the thought of so much exposed sternum. Today is officially the last day at work although I have told Emin that I break up tomorrow, the house is such a mess and he is such a bore I would rather be anywhere but home. The loft goes on and on partly/mainly because he bought the wrong tiles that are taking FOREVER to fit and being marble they crack and so we are on our 3rd extra set of tiles. So sour is the atmosphere in our house that Daisy has decided to be oh so grown up and go and live with her Nan. She told me I was the best Mum in the world but nothing would induce her to tolerate any more of Emin's moods so that was a lovely Christmas present. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place because I feel Leyla is too young to be left by me to set up house with just Daisy and Kitty, so we shall see how she likes her super early mornings and her super extra long journey and no mother to tap for money every 5 seconds.

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