Thursday, 6 December 2007


The transition from Decleor to Lancome has gone smoothly having not really rated the Deleor it did eventually grow on me and would be great for the summer as their products are quite light.
The Lancome is good but probably only 7/10 good I am not quite getting the plumped up baby's bottom effect I had hoped for but half the fun is the anticipation that a minor miracle may occur. Despite slathering eye cream on since I can remember I have bags under my eyes more suitable for a family holiday, all this despite obsessively trying to get 8 hours sleep a night. My main obstacle is after the 6 o/c slump I get quite manic at 10 o/c and struggle to settle I think its because everyone is asleep and finally my brain can unwind and focus on what I want to do which would be to watch a film or read a book or write. Of course I can't then sleep till 9am, so I have to force myself to go to bed a 10.30pm for a 6.30am start which is agony, always has been. I am one of those people that lies in bed begging myself to move, it takes over 10 min's from the alarm going off to me moving, other people like my sister just seem to have the ability to wake and get up. Other beauty disappointments this week was the Bliss body cream having spent an hour trying to decide if it was rich enough it sadly is not and like a fool I bought some for Daisy too as we are always on the look out for the holy grail of creams that will alleviate her eczema suffering. Despite its very rich texture it does nothing to really moisturise Ive never really known a cream like it, Absolute best of the best body cream wise has always been Molton Brown so despite my aversion to the dreaded pump I may return. I did however read about a product called This Works so may try that, meanwhile I am stuck with 2 lots of Bliss to get through first.

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auntiegwen said...

Have you tried Liz Earle ? I've got friends who also suffer from eczema and they swear by her stuff. It's stocked in some shops in London but I get mine via t'internet.