Friday, 21 December 2007

Something old something new

Something old, On the left my beloved DKNY(men's) totally shredded fit only for the garden. Middle, my wonderful boots totally the wrong height, cut my calf in two but so comfortable. Finally sturdy Ecco comfy but my toe rests an inch from the top so I probably look like a clown.

On the left words cannot express what a joy these are to wear. In the middle again just so comfortable if a dodgy height. On the right new DKNY (men's) ginky but comfy.
I realise all my winter shoes are black, in the shed sit a wonderful brown lace up pair of boots and a pair of Camper boots but, and here's the tricky part, I hate brown shoes with a black coat, oh and my bag is black, so what do you do? buy more coats probably, but the last time I tried swapping a coat midweek I left my travel card in the pocket and so missed my train. So one coat it is and black all the way. In stark contrast my feet would put a peacock to shame in the summer.
P.S Mum bought the first and second pair of shoes bless her, she always sends me a cheque for Xmas and B'days which I always loose so she marched me to some amazing shoe shop in Oxfords covered market and bingo not one but two strikes. I will just look at them for a couple of weeks before I break them in. If anyone has read previous posts any shoes that fit are a miracle, not only do I have big feet but they are wide and the one on the left so damaged I can only cross train for 10Min's before it goes totally numb. I do not really know why other countries embrace the bigger foot and English shoe manufacturers don't. I shopped in Hobbs a lot in my 20s but after Daisy was born I went from a size 7 to a size 8, the look of disgust on the assistants face when I requested an 8 was visible and I was told "VERY few styles EVER went up to THAT size" So I never went back there again. Another shop with the same attitude is Sole Trader there I was told "women's shoes stop at a 6" again another one off the list. So to find a shop so sympathetic to my needs is a total joy and will get all my cash, OK my mums..

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materfamilias said...

Did you see Susie Bubble's post today on the Lanvin satin high-top sneakers that so far only come in men's sizes, but that Parisian women with larger feet are apparently grabbing? and who's going to be in Paris over the holidays? seems like a sign to me. . . (although I'm not sure they're very practical and they probably cost the moon)