Wednesday, 12 May 2010

B&W love

From Whistles
I ache for this one but they do not seem to have it in my size, the website has others but charges p&p unlike ASOS which is free.

this although not what I want, I like and may order it from ASOS

this one is only £10 from ASOS and by ordering it in a large size I am hoping to get something fun for the weekend.

I did another bit of polyvore with my wardrobe on Tuesday and I am beginning to crack what works well as well as breathing a new lease of life into old favourites. Afterwards I identified two items I really wanted and knew would help. The first was a green pair of straight leg trousers, and would you believe it this photograph was in Grazia the following day. How perfect are these? Indeed how perfect is the whole outfit? (more here found by a complete accident) It brings me to my second object of desire, a b&w top, better still a.....
b&w stripe top, this is now my holy grail.
This picture from The Sartorialist is just fantastic and again coincidentally appeared after I added the b&w top to my list. As you see it looks fantastic and will be mine....this article from the Guardian sings it's praises
Finally something I have longed to own for some time is a mans red spotted scarf which I'm sure could be picked up from a vintage shop would that I had the time. This site has every colour combination but at what price? In the end I settled for this one just in case the sun ever ever comes back again, you have NO IDEA how COLD it is here at the moment, arctic, I have 3 vest on 2 of them thermal plus a fan heater on my feet.


materfamilias said...

I've been doing the navy-white Breton-inspired thing quite a bit this spring -- quite like it with my hint-of-sparkle grey/silver blazer.
And I just last week found a pair of olive/khaki slim silk-like bamboo pants -- pleats, cuff, cut so that while they're fluid enough, they fall very slim by the lower leg -- just love them! Depending on the weather, perhaps we'll both be wearing our green slim pants and striped tops when we meet up this summer ;-)

La Belette Rouge said...

I have four Breton inspired tees. And I LOVE them. It seems that I don't have enough of them. I love that one in the final photo. Gorgeous. I need that. Can't have too much of a good thing.;-)

indigo16 said...

Mater, I love Bamboo as a fabric it is sooo soft. So you have laid down the gauntlet and I too must find a pair!
Belette, I absolutly agree, like grey cardies you can never have too many Breton tops.

Job said...

My personal favorite is the third one. It's nice and it looks comfy to wear.