Friday, 21 May 2010

Sister Wolf's 'So What' definition of bloggers who posing in fairly ordinary daily outfits and have family photos only of interest

to a minority of readers. As Saliieri says in Amadeus "I speak for all mediocrities in the world. I am their champion. I am their patron saint"
So shove it Sister Wolf*.
What a difference a week makes, I started fairly wrapped up and ended up in a linen top, out of the closet a week earlier than anticipated. Monday 7/10
A bit frumpy with hindsight, that skirt could do with a coloured top, I had bought a blue one last year but gave it to Daisy because it was too clingy, I will keep trying. The grey marl top is from Muji it has a lovely boat neckline. Skirt from COS lovely, but a bitch to find a top for, the cardie is a loose one I found in a shop in Narberth, it too is lovely, very forgiving a Norwegian design I think.
Tuesday 10/10
I LOVE this top from ASOS (can you believe it was only £10?)I am so glad I bought it a size bigger so it hangs really well, worn with fairly structured Zara trousers the one draw back was the friction between top and trousers meant the t-shirt runched up when I walked. You can just see the coral necklace I made.
Wednesday 9/10
Now known as that "baby doll dress that makes me look like mutton" Like I say shove it, Dress from COS cardie from Kew. shell necklace I made, another favourite.
Thursday 10/10
Don't be deceived by the photo I loved this outfit, It is a long COS dress worn over very light loose jersey leggings with buttons down the side from Zara last year, for the chilly morning I put another cardie from Kew, grey again but the long length works well with the dress, it is the photo that's crap. The necklace from Toast is now a firm favourite.
Friday 8/10
I bought this shirt from Zara last week it could do with being an inch longer and having a couple of vents down the side. That said it is lovely and cool and I like the detailing which Zara is particularly good at. Worn with some old black trousers from Mango.

A good week but the difference in temperature has thrown future plans and I will have to work in more linen than I anticipated. Plus next week will need a Chelsea outfit as it is the Flower Show on Thursday afternoon. The other stripy top from ASOS was perfect too but very autumnal so I have kept it and bagged it up for October! I have to say ASOS could become a firm favourite especially with free P&P.

* This is a joke by the way, her blog is blocked so I can't read it. The quote came from God knows where, but made me laugh as it summarises by blog perfectly so if the cap lovely dress has a silver lining!


materfamilias said...

Glad to see your weather's improving all the way to linen -- cotton and silk may not be far behind!
I tracked down that "So what" post and after wincing a bit in the humiliation of recognizing my own blog, I couldn't help wondering why someone who shrugs off such a large sector of her older sisters would care enough to direct such scorn towards us. Just look away, dear, just look away . . .

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I haven't read the post you talk about but find inspiration from seeing what other bloggers wear.

indigo16 said...

Mater, amazed you found the post, I MUST find it now. I know much of what she says is probably true... yet I really do like Looking Fab, prefer looking at what real people wear not what skinny models wear.

Sister Wolf said...

I don't know what the helll you'r talking about but I've never"blocked" my blog. You can Shove It too. Love, Sister Wolf