Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Kitty, now a willowy teenager, wafted down to the kitchen on Saturday morning fluttering her eyelashes in an effort to persuade me to make her a cup of tea. According to Kitty, I and ONLY I can make a cup of tea to her liking, I do as asked whilst she draped herself across the kitchen, there she spied a plate of left over Chicken Korma so grabbed a spoon and tucked in...cold. all I heard was "mmmmm" then suddenly she was making a less satisfactory noise and she managed to articulate to me that her mouth was so so full she was unable to chew what was in it. I shrugged and forbid her to spit it out, so she gagged and I gave in.
Then she complained she felt sick (quelle surprise) before knocking back her tea and getting the bus to her dad's.
Leyla's current breakfast squeeze is equally unpleasant, she is currently loving a toasted muffin smeared with peanut butter with honey drizzled on top. Yep that makes me retch every time!
What is wrong with toast and marmalade for god's sake?

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materfamilias said...

Hmmmm, peanut butter and honey is pretty standard here, but not so sure I'd want to start the day with chicken korma. . . Mine were always slow to build their appetite in the a.m., but similar to yours in flattering/manipulating me into making it because my culinary skills (yeah, it's a really challenge to make you tea and toast) were so fine . . .