Saturday, 29 May 2010


Since taking photographs of my clothes actually being worn I have learnt so much. One thing in particular which I have found a shock is that is everything I own from GAP looks really horrible on.
I think it has a lot to do with the quality of fabric which unlike other shops is poorer and so clings, emphasising my spare tyre. I also think they are cut for someone slightly shorter..who knows. What I do know is I will not shop there again, I will stick to shops whose clothes look good both in the changing room and in the photograph. So for a chuckle I took the camera shopping and here are the results The top row all looks pretty grim except the middle jumper. The photograph (taken too close in the changing room) is not good but it was flattering and a lovely moss green. However bat wing sleeves and teaching art do not mix so no purchase.
The bottom row repeats my unbelievable addiction to shrouds, including a stripy one that I tried on in Muji. again the middle top is OK... but I will talk about arms in a minute...
So the last image is of the top in the picture just before it is a lovely khaki green but worn with a belt. The trousers are out of my comfort zone but I loved the combination and so KERCHING No shrouds today.

On to Next, not my usual hunting ground but I spied those trousers in the window and so had to try them on....but.... no I did not buy.
1. they were the wrong green a bit too bright.
2. the pockets stuck out too much.
3. not cheap at £35
4. Do you detect a bit of mutton here...I'm not sure. maybe if they were darker.
I confess I bought the stripy top, it hangs like a dream it is cream and green and was only £14.

Oh arms... Dear God I go to the bloody gym 3 times a week. I work like a dog on those triceps I tell you and seriously would you get them out in public? Are they not horrible? I will NEVER buy a sleeveless top again unless it is to be worn ONLY under a cardie.

It is half term and so from here on in the posts have been prepared in advance, I will return 7th June


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love the stripe tunic. I usually like stuff from Gap but then I don't photograph myself in the clothes and I am short, so perhaps they are OK!

materfamilias said...

Like Looking Fab, I've had some good luck with Gap and find their quality quite decent -- but I'm short and maybe that's the difference.
I love the stripey tunic!
and I'd say you're getting close with the pants -- the ones on the model have the pockets higher on the leg which seems more flattering. And the colour of the model's might be more wearable.
btw, we're in your city June 16th to 20th, then July 4th to 6th -- I'll e-mail more details soon. Looking forward to seeing you.