Friday, 28 May 2010

Wardrobe Watch 6

Some serious temperature swings had to be coped with this week staring with nearly 30 degrees falling to 14 degrees by Wednesday! Oh joy. I think this may be my favourite week.
Monday 9/10
Cool for the heat a COS artists smock, very light, very cool, very comfy, teamed with a very old pair of linen trousers from Oasis via EBay.
Tuesday 10/10
I LOVE this outfit, you have seen the cardie from Primark, worn over a really thin loose viscose top from Jigsaw, a couple of years old, teamed with black trousers from Zara that I altered the hem of to get the right length.
Wednesday 10/10
So cold I had to put some tights back on, I LOVE this skirt from COS with my back buttoned cardie from Muji.
Thursday 10/10
I know, black again, Zara trousers again, but different ones, slightly thicker jeans style. This was worn with a loose COS top and that really lovely heavy gold cardie I bought way back in January from Massimo Dutti
Friday 10/10
Warmer so Black linen trousers from Monsoon via EBay, with the lovely rosette necked top layered under a thermal cropped cardie from Toast.

I am almost beyond exhausted. I have marked and moderated 40 GCSE's and over 20 A Levels sounds easy but that represents a LOT of work and HUGE amounts of stress. I went home Wednesday and Daisy broke down with the stress of revising and the pressure of having to achieve such high grades to get into university.
We all gave her counsel and she survived the following day a statistics exam followed by physics exam.
I met Mother who tapped into reserves of patience I didn't know I had, Chelsea was great, but seriously, I will have to go on my own next year.
More on Chelsea later.

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